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By Admin : 22 Dec 2020

In a lot of ways, Indian bridal wear differs from western bridal wear and yet in some ways, they are similar. Rather than white, Indian brides traditionally wear vibrantly coloured wedding dresses. Yet both western and Indian brides both typically have ostentatiously decorated dresses. Sequins, embroidery, patterns, and satin material are mutual themes in both western and Indian bridal wear.

The salwar kameez is a popular alternative for western brides. This Indian bridal wear looks great on all body types. The salwar kameez comes in a variety of different styles. The bride looking for something out of the ordinarywhile choosing bridal wear could go with the trouser salwar suit and a short Kurta top. The salwar kameez is often cost less than other traditional wedding dresses. In addition, the salwar kameez, unlike traditional wedding dresses, can be worn to other functions such as parties and semi-formal events.

Another choice of Indian bridal wear that looks beautiful on any body type is the Lehenga cholis. Brought to the Indian subcontinent by the Moguls millennia ago, the Lehenga choli is a combination of skirt and blouse that is fast becoming a favourite in Indian bridal wear. The Lehenga choli is classy enough to be worn as a wedding dress yet can also be donned on other formal occasions. Amongst the Indian royalty, these gorgeous outfits were often decorated with real gold, silver, and precious stones. Today, the Lehenga choliis still expertly hand decorated, giving that royal feel to any women who wear them.

To compliment the look, women may want to accessorize with Bindion the forehead. Bindis now come with coloured stones and look great with salwar kameez and lehenga cholis or other types of Indian bridal wear.

For the most gorgeous and authentic bridal sarees, Rajvesh showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan is a must visit where you can buy ethnic, cool, branded,authentic and royal Rajasthani dresses at best price. They have a royal ethnic clothing line which will make any woman looks and feel like a princess bride.

Amongst all the trendy and unmatched ways of personalizing a wedding, the one way that seems to have taken the wedding scenario by storm is that of "coordinated outfits" with with various themes. Outfit coordination in Indian weddings has progressively thrived to be one of the most integrated wedding trends and rightly so! From couples coordinating their outfits with each other or with their family; to them coordinating their outfits with the wedding decoration or theme, the coordination game is on with full swing! For how different ways of coordinating at wedding adds a personal touch and heaps of joyous and happening vibes, this fad is highly favoured and loved to bits! And well, the couple or the Baraat in coordinated outfits is a sight to cherish.

Bride & Groom outfit colour-coordination
Wearing similar colours, electing for same fabric or choosing a colour combination that is synchronous, the ways of coordinating your outfit with your loved ones are too many. Also, matching up together looks super charming and is a sure shot head turner.

Coordinating outfits with the wedding decor or theme
Having your attires in tune with your wedding décor theme is another preferred way of being a part of this coordination game! But do make sure to play around with colours smartly so that your outfits and decor elements don't end up camouflaging each other. Choosing different hues from the same colour palette or having similar hues fused uniquely is important.

Coordinating outfits with siblings.
You can even colour coordinate your wedding outfits with your siblings. It’s an ongoing trend undoubtedly looks very cute. The best ways to synchronise your outfits with your siblings is either by electing for the same fabrics or by choosing hues of the same colour palette for your attires.

Have the baraatis dance away in coordinating outfits
This is for the grooms out there! Swagger up your baraat by having all the baraatis or your entire side wear matching colours or similar safas. Or focus your baraat around a theme and have similar outfits and props.

Have the cool groomsmen stand out
If the bride gang can coordinate in similar outfits, then so can our dynamic groomsmen! You can go for similar hued clothes, similar stoles, similar jackets or maybe even same outfits!

Make your parents & family feel special too!
Of course, there aren't many ways in which you and your parents can synchronize your outfits but that doesn't mean you can't! Simply choosing a matching colour combination or selecting different hues from the same colour palette does the trick! Buy Rajasthani Dresses at Rajvesh with extensive, exclusive and great price.

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